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Getting to know each other

At Connect Church we are about equipping people for the work of ministry. Helping people find where God has sent them and helping launch them into where they are sent to serve. We would love to help you do the same.

What can I expect?

How Often Do We meet?

Connect Church meets in Connect groups for fellowship, worship, equipping and prayer. We also speak about mission and where God has sent us and what is next. Our focus is on the mission and the mission field and not on the gathering but on the sending. We also meet in micro-groups throughout the weeks for additional discipleship, study and prayer. These groups provide accountability and growth opportunities. We also have one on one coaching sessions. Our prayer is that we will see 5-10 additional Connect Groups started in the next year or two as we work to send out and continue to equip additional missionaries in their context to reach their communities.

What's the culture like at Connect?

We are an extended family. We are loving, caring, funny and witty. We share deeply and ask lots of questions. We learn and grow together. We are not a traditional church where you aren't allowed to engage or question. We are here to learn and do and grow.

What about my kids?

Our kids learn and grow with us. Each Connect group answers this question a little differently, but many choose to engage the children in the learning with the group. Some of the kids openly answer along with the adults in the learning process. Many kids play blocks and toys on the floor while the adults discuss and learn. The kids being a part of watching the adults worship and learn together has become a part of their discipleship journey as well.